Chameleon Counseling

Skills to Blend-In, Self-Esteem to Stand Out

therapy for teens & adults in Colorado/Illinois

Have you ever wondered if there is something inside of you that is inherently different compared to everyone else?

Sensory Overload

Hermione loves music, but gets overwhelmed by crowds and loud sounds, so she avoids concerts. 

Social Skills

Harry wants to have a romantic partner, but whenever he is interested in someone, he never knows what to say.


Luna wants to do well in college, but can’t seem to ever make it to class, and if she does, it is rarely on time. 

Task Completion

Ron has great ideas for his business, but can’t seem to follow through with any of them. 

Feeling Left Out

Draco is never invited out with his co-workers, and doesn’t understand why they don’t like him. 

Emotion Regulation

Ginny tries really hard to hold it together, but sometimes melts down over the smallest things.

Chameleon Counseling

Chameleon Counseling is for teens and adults who are looking for therapeutic support, particularly those who feel like outsiders. They are the ones that, no matter how hard they try, cannot seem to find the right balance between what feels comfortable for them, and what is expected. At Chameleon Counseling, we work together to celebrate your strengths but also find creative solutions for your weaknesses. With an understanding of neurodiversity in brains, we can help you achieve whatever your heart desires, not by changing you, but by giving you new tools, skills, and self-persepective.

Services for teens & adults

Chameleon Counseling services teens (11yrs and older) and adults through individual and group therapy. You do not need to identify as Neurodivergent to seek counseling with us.

Neurodivergent Minds

What is neurodiversity, and what does it mean if you have a neurodivergent mind? Chameleon Counseling specializes in teens & adults that were born with neurodivergent brains.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if therapy is right for me? How much does therapy cost? Is therapy online, or in-person? Do you have to be neurodivergent to seek support?