Autistic/ADHD Artist Appreciation

When I began building my website, I realized that there was no better way to illustrate the main mission of “Skills to Blend-In, Self-Esteem to Stand Out” than with art that was commissioned from Autistic/ADHD artists. While it would have been cheaper to simply use stock photos (which I did for some adorable photographs of chameleons!), it was important to me that clients who visited my website felt immediately seen. Feeling seen & understood is an essential part to my therapy practice, and adding art that portrays the struggles of being neurodivergent was creating a space that I hoped would reflect that. I am deeply grateful to the artists that have contributed beautiful pieces of art about masking, chameleons, and feeling like an outsider in a neurotypical world. In fact, while I am not an artist myself, I consider my one-of-a-kind website as also a piece of art from an ADHD artist!

So thank you for visiting!

P.S. If you would like to submit art to be featured on my website, please contact me! I am always happy to update my website with new art that features the unique experiences of Neurodivergent individuals.